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Bandwidth Management and Network Shaping:


A fast Internet propels innovation. IPOQUE’s Deep Packet Inspection solutions help every environment to manage their network efficiently. Our portfolio of products ranges from Internet traffic management, network visibility, policy enforcement, detailed reporting to the integration of our Deep Packet Inspection engine. All of IPOQUE’s solutions are aimed at optimizing network resources.


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IP Telephony:
Voice over IP (VoIP) defines a way to carry voice calls over an IP network including the digitization and packetization of the voice streams. IP Telephony utilizes the VoIP standards to create a telephony system where higher level features such as advanced call routing, voice mail, extension mobility, contact centers, email integration can be utilized.

Reach your staff anytime, anywhere with Cisco Jabber.

Users get intuitive interactions, less dependence on IT, and a single identity across all devices. IT gets unified call-control and management platforms to ease administration, speed deployment, and simplify troubleshooting. It’s all based on an integrated end-to-end architecture that uses the intelligent network for highly secure, reliable, more comprehensive, and overall better user experiences.

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The Cisco Catalyst switch family represents one of the top selling LAN switches in the market today. The Catalyst range is designed to meet the needs of a wide range of customers—from small to medium businesses, right up to large enterprise networks and service providers. Cisco Catalyst switches provide high performance, scalability, manageability, and many other intelligent features that ensure their success to date.

Give your institution the Back Bone, Access, Distribution and Core switches it needs – A good base means a stable and scalable Network.

Cisco routers provide high availability, comprehensive security, integrated wireless, ease of management, and advanced Quality of Service (QoS) for today’s most demanding network services, including IP communications, video, customer relationship management, financial transactions, and other real-time applications.

Cisco routers can help you create a more intelligent, responsive, and integrated network, based on adaptive and agile technologies. They can transform your network and deliver high security and reliable service to campus, data center, and branch networks.
Baseline Routing days are over – Welcome to the Newest Routing Trends.

Cisco provides one of the industry’s most comprehensive advanced threat protection portfolios of products and solutions. Our threat-centric and operational approach to security reduces complexity, while providing superior visibility, continuous control, and advanced threat protection across the extended network and the entire attack continuum.


The Cisco IronPort is an appliance that is deployed into an existing mail infrastructure. All emails are sent to the IronPort and the IronPort is either the last point out (most common configuration) or it can process email and then send it back to the mail server where it is sent out.

IronPort Features:

A Powerful Outer Layer of Defense:
Reputation Filtering - provides a powerful outer layer of spam defense. IronPort Reputation Filters™deliver unmatched efficacy, accurately stopping up to 80% of incoming spam at the connection level. IronPort® appliances also support a unique rate limiting capability, which intelligently slows down suspicious senders—greatly reducing the spam, without the risk of false positives.

Accuracy with Context-Based Scoring:
IronPort Anti-Spam - utilizes the industry’s most innovative approach to threat detection. In addition to reviewing send reputation, IronPort’s unique Context Adaptive Scanning Engine™(Case) examines the complete context of a message, including: Content , methods of message contribution, reputation of the sender.

IronPort’s Web Reputation – technology measures the behavior and traffic patterns of a website to assess its trustworthiness. Iron Port’s CASE technology determines the reputation of any URL within a message body, so that a more accurate analysis of the messages can be performed.

Automatic Updates and Comprehensive Controls:
Automatic, timely and secure rule updates - The IronPort update service ensures that IronPort appliances are running the most-up-to-date engine.
Administrators can easily configure – the service at a global level and leverage IronPort’s powerful Email Security Manager to set user and group specific policies.

End-users directly access – the IronPort Spam Quarantine to check and manage messages and send spam directly to IronPort’s Threat Operation center for review.

Real-Time Monitoring and Centralized Reporting:
Mail Flow Monitor – delivers complete real-time visibility into who is send you email, and alerts administrators of suspicious traffic – allowing them to take immediate action.

Mail Flow Central – allows you to find the status of any message that has traversed your infrastructure.

Fast Accurate Detection:
IronPort’s 24x7 Threat Operation Center (TOC) – Specialized team to assist you with the latest threats and new based trends
Transform how you defend your networks against advanced, emerging threats.

ASA – Next Generation Firewall

NGFWs include the typical functions of traditional firewalls such as packet filtering, network- and port-address Translation (NAT), stateful inspection, and virtual private network (VPN) support. The goal of next generation firewalls is to include more layers of the OSI model to improve filtering of network traffic dependent on the packet contents.

NGFWs perform deeper inspection compared to stateful inspection performed by the first- and second-generation firewalls. They go deeper to inspect the payload of packets and match signatures for harmful activities such as known vulnerabilities, exploit attacks, viruses and malware.
Cisco’s Next Generation Firewall – Security without Compromise.

Wireless and mobility solutions provide highly secure access to network resources so you can be more productive and responsive.
Take control of your Wireless Infrastructure with Cisco’s Wireless Controller. It enables you to cover larger areas and have real time access to any access point.

Fast, Reliable and Scalable – Cisco’s Wireless solution

Data Center:
Cisco offers products, services, and programs to support a holistic view of the data Centre, adapting to your current and future business needs, including:
• Better manage data Centre resources
• Deploy more robust business continuance
• Build cost effective storage area networks
• Enhance data security
• Improve efficiency and increase business productivity
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Loudspeaker Paging, Intercoms, Clocks, Visual Notification, Blue Light Emergency Telephones, IP Mass Notification.
Valcom’s unique and extensive experience in IP and Analog Voice Paging systems, IP Centric Multimodal Systems and Telecommunication Enhancements give us a unique perspective. They are well known for providing guidance and assistance in implementing everything from the simplest paging system to the most complex mass notification communications system solution. Their customer base includes most of the Fortune 500 companies, the majority of highly secure US Government facilities, local government emergency service organizations and over 35,000 schools.

Equip your Institution with the newest IP Clocks, Emergency Telephones and Paging Solution.