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Less travel, More business collaboration:


The future collaboration tool is here, Cisco Telepresence™.

Telepresence video conferencing cisco

Cisco Telepresence is the future in employee collaboration, cut on traveling costs and push for more teamwork. Any member of the team can be reachable in high definition resolution as if they are in the same room.



CMR allows anyone to join a meeting using video, audio, and content sharing, from any mobile, desktop, or room system, anywhere. People can meet the way they want—for one-on-one discussions; in a personal, always-on meeting room; or in scheduled meetings.

You can expand your on-premises CMR deployment to a hybrid premises and cloud model by extending meetings to Cisco WebEx Meeting Center users. Anyone can join the same meeting from a standards-based video or WebEx-enabled device.

With Cisco immersive video collaboration systems, you can conduct meetings with colleagues worldwide as if everyone were in the same location. With true-to-life quality and exacting details to enhance in-person collaboration, you won't miss visual nuances.



Collaborate more productively with high-definition telepresence systems that combine excellent user experience with true-to-life quality for fulfilling interaction.


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